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Liepina com - Liepins Family Portal. An online place for all Liepins to meet and share the news and latest happenings... And don't formet  - a place to check Liepina email as here evry liepins can enjoy an e-mail account that has no limits in size or usage. POP and SMTP transmition as well as free forwarding of emal to mobile phones as sms message etc.

We will also setup subdomains for example Jāņa.Liepiņ for Janis.

Bookmark our site or make it your hompage. Google search will be added next week so this could be your starting place for exploring / entering the internet.

Liepina is Latvian family name. Liepins is the masculine form of the same family name. In Latvian the word literally means "a small linden tree". The feminine forms of this family name in Lithuanian (another Baltic language, closely related to Latvian) surnames are: Liepienė (married woman) and Liepaitė (maiden).


Birthday - expected arround August 10

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